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EAL is the sole New Zealand importer of the Vimar range of Italian designed and manufactured modular Electrical fittings. Vimar offers a range of colourful and sophisticated coverplate options in either a plastic or metal finish. A variety of modules are available, including switches, dimmers, smoke-gas detectors, push buttons, timers, clocks TV outlets, coax outlets, dimmers, USB, HDMI, phone and Ethernet outlets and many more options.


Vimar offers a look that is distinguished by its elegance and refinement.


LED Lighting

EAL recommends a variety of LED options for both your indoor and outdoor lighting projects. EAL only sell and install quality fittings that have a minimum IC or ICF rating.


We work closely with a lighting designer who will assist you to make the best lighting options ensuring no costly mistakes are made. LED lights are the future, they are efficient, use less energy, and give you continued energy savings and ultimately save you money.



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